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I am a professional photographer based in Los Angeles, I studied visual arts at The Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA..

After the completion of my studies in 2004 I moved to New York City and started my career as a Commercial and Fashion Photographer; in 2006 I relocated to Dubai and started working as Chief Photographer for EVO Magazine, an automotive magazine where I discovered my passion for cars. Enhancing this newly passion, once in a lifetime opportunities presented themselves; I was invited for test drives by the top specialty car manufactures in the world such Bugatti, Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi, BMW and many more. This gave me first hand knowledge on how to attack the task of shooting these masterpieces of engineering in the most profound way and allowing me to capture the essence of the experiences.


I returned to the United States and since 2010 have been contracted by several high-end users of my skills such as one of the world's leading car auction house "Gooding & Co", in addition to them I was sought after by high-end real estate companies, Architects and Interior Designers. The change of pace in shooting assignments, keeps me engaged and fresh in my craft with the ability to always keep learning new techniques when migrating between the subject matter.


I’ve always had a deep love of architecture, so it was a natural transition to partner with a cutting edge real estate specialist helping him capture the essence of luxury properties for sellers, buyers, owners and managers. My craft is a life passion which enables me to be true to the subject matter such as property shoots that capture the estate and grounds by rendering its opulence and personality without compromise so that the viewer will not just see the property, but feel it. I love the challenge, and rise to it every day.