5 Questions to ask before hiring a luxury real estate photographer

Finding the right photographer to represent your property is as important as working with the right realtor when the time comes, maybe more so. A potential client of yours receives his first and strongest impression from the photos on your website. As a luxury real estate owner or manager you know how discerning your clients will be. Here are five questions to ask before deciding on the photography agency who will present your property in the best light.


-1 Do they have specific experience with luxury property, and examples of their work?

If you have pain in your knee you wouldn’t go to a cardiologist for help. Professional photography has areas of specialty just like medicine, law, accounting and so on. A portraiture or architecture cameraman will not capture the essence of your property like a luxury photographer who knows the best angles, the right perspectives, the correct filters and light on buildings and landscape, and the proper lens to create a shot that will hook your client at first glance. It’s a combination of talent, intuition and experience specific to luxury real estate which will get you the sublime photo that calls a viewer to action.

Be sure that the photographer you consider has an extensive portfolio of luxury photography at the ready to show you, and references to back it up.


-2 Do they have modern cameras and gear specifically for real estate photography?

If a camera looks old, it likely is. A photographer should have up-to-date if not state-of-the-art equipment including tripods, multiple lenses, drone and action camera, and more. If you don’t see a large portable bag of gear, you won’t get the stunning shots of your property that move viewers to say I need to live here.


-3 Will the photographer disappear after they turn over their photos to you?

Any product and service worth their salt will provide continuous support from Day One until even after the job is complete. You want to be sure your photographer is available when you want to shoot, accessible via phone and email whenever you need them, capable of meeting deadlines, and available to offer technical support or other guidance after they turn over their photographs. This could, for example, include working with your designer to ensure a smooth transition to the website.

Remember, the successful completion of their responsibility is not attained until an exquisite and honest representation of your property is on your website to your satisfaction.


-4 What is the photographer’s range and depth of service?

A top luxury real estate photographer has a sizable investment in his business. More than just straight still photography, he or she should endeavor to be full service. Ask if they are experienced in High Dynamic Range photography, in twilight or near-dark shooting, in drone aerial photography, in Matterport 3D Tour. Inquire if they are proficient in Photoshop. The right luxury real estate photographer for you will have a vested interest in keeping up with the changing marketplace and the degree of talent and capability of his competition.


-5 What is their level of in-person professionalism?

Clients expect a certain degree of professional decorum from contractors, especially one hired from the field of fine arts to represent their luxury product. It may be stating the obvious, but be sure your photographer’s physical presentation (fashion, grooming, manners) and temperament are meticulous. Professionalism and a friendly and helpful demeanor are the standard; your luxury real estate photographer should exceed this expectation.

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