Virtual Reality, A powerful tool in selling Real Estate

Iconic Virtual Studios, a company based in South Florida is actively engaged in the business of providing 3D images and creating virtual walkthroughs through Matterport platform.

More than a 360 panoramic view: 360° panoramic tours may seem at first glance like 3D, but they’re not. Only Matterport 3D lets buyers move through a property as if they were really there, and offers a total sense of how a home fits together.

Today the VR technology can bring realtor’s listings directly to the buyer, whether they live in China, Middle East, South America or just down the street. Buyer swill have the opportunity to have an immerse experience of their new home getting a better sense of the depth and scope of a space through the headsets.


  • Seller’s privacy 3-D tours will cut down on the foot traffic through their homes and attract more buyers who are ready to make offers

  • Access: It’s sometimes difficult to get reliable access to rentals, Landlords are not always available, and home owners who are renting space in their home can be even harder to track down. 3-D rental tours can cut down on the number of times you have to request access to a property, making it easier on both the prospective renter and the landlord or owner.

  • New constructions:3-D tours work great for new communities where there’s a completed model of a home. A completed model is a blueprint for what buyers can expect from other homes in the community, but once it’s sold, he can’t keep touring it

  • High –end real estate brokers/ agencies

  • International or out-of-town buyers: the 3-D listing data is most helpful for clients who cannot be physically present to tour a home. For a market like Miami, with a high volume of international buying activity, 3-D imagery will likely take hold in the future

  • Open Floor plans 3-D imagery is designed to show the depth of a space.



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